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Fort William Report from Cedric Gracia

Fort William Report from Cedric Gracia
June 16, 2010 -  Five Ten    

Fort Bill! What a Crazy Moment!

It was a year to the day that I got my knee surgery and I was really happy to be able to celebrate this moment in Fort William! Why Fort William? Just because I had a lot of good moments in the past and some bad ones (World's, when I broke my wrist!) Fort William is always special in any way, nice spectators, crazy track, weather, you never know what's going to happen there. :)


I had a good beginning of the week with the BRIGADE crew, riding around, taking pictures and the weekend started even better with the practice in the dry!


After some really good fun on the track I finished 28 in 1/2 final, but knowing I had a lot of seconds I could save from my own time because I ride the 1/2 really easy to make sure I will go to the final, not like in Solvenia! :) On Sunday everything was perfect! Kev (my mechanic) prepared my v10 carbon and I was really happy to take this babe to the top of the hill to give him the run of his life.

In the beginning of my run I felt really comfortable, taking all my lines, saving it for the bottom, but only 45 seconds from the start I hit a bad rock on the track! I had to cruise down the track and try to keep some speed for the last jump! Then I did :)

I had an incredible time in Scotland even if the results are not the ones I was expecting but the fun I had on the DH tracks and specctators make me forget the bad things.

Thanks everyone who was part of the weekend and thanks to all my sponsors for the warm support.

Photo by Phil Garcia


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