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Elise Sethna checks in from Youth Nationals

Elise Sethna checks in from Youth Nationals
June 11, 2010 -  Five Ten    

I have just returned from an amazing weekend in Quebec City. I was there along with ten of my teammates for the National Canadian Youth Lead Championships. Delire Escalade was the host gym. When I first walked into Delire I was speechless. The wall is nothing like anything else in Canada and pictures from the website don’t do it justice. The main 60ish-foot overhung head wall reminds me of the World Cup walls in Europe. I really hope that Delire holds many national and international championships in the future.


The competition started early on Friday morning, with the two qualifiers that day, the semi on Saturday and the final on Sunday. My first qualifier was on the main wall. It was a pretty easy route, but it allowed me to feel the features of the wall and get use to the angle, because I knew that my semi or final was going to be on the main wall as well. My second qualifier was even easier than my first and I qualified for semis tied for first with 4 other ladies.

My semi was not on the main wall, which meant that my final was going to be on the main wall for sure. The semi final was fun movement up decent holds, with the last throw to the finish hold before the anchors being the main crux. I topped this route quite easily, moving into finals tied for first with my friend and competitor, Megan Kellaway.

For finals, they had all the female finalists from ages 14-19 on the same route, in an attempt to split up the ties from semis. Our final route, like I anticipated, was on the main wall. The route was so much fun, moving up huge features with slopers and crimps. It was also a lot harder than my semi-final, which I was happy about. At the end of the route, you were required to get yourself on top of a huge feature hanging from the roof, to clip the anchors. I ended up topping the route, being the only female, out of all age categories to top out. This made me the 2010 Canadian National Champion!

This competition is also where the coaches chose who is on the Canadian National Climbing Team, which will be traveling to Scotland in September to compete in the Youth World Championships. I made the team along with my teammates Zach Watson, who also won his category, Audrey Roane, who placed a respectable 4th, and my brother, Eric Sethna, who, even with a hurt finger, not attending nationals, still managed to make the team!

All in all, it was an excellent wrap up to the Canadian youth series, and a strong Canadian field chosen to represent Canada this summer. Hopefully the weather around the Rockies gets better, so we can crush the real rock! Then off to Europe early in August to mid-September to travel to some foreign crags, compete in the Youth World Championships and hopefully some Bouldering World Cups around Europe as well!

Elise Sethna


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