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Isaac Caldiero at the Battle in the Bubble

Isaac Caldiero at the Battle in the Bubble
Isaac Caldiero at the Battle in the Bubble
June 01, 2010 -  Isaac Caldiero    

Ahh Boulder!  It's been so long since I've stepped into the bubble, nearly 3 years to be precise.  After hearing word of the most groundbreaking competition circuits to date, I received the official invite and decided to put off my rock fondling habits for a quick weekend to check out the hype.


Kicking off on May 15th, known as the Battle in the Bubble. As far as competitions go it spoke very well for itself, a beautiful wall setup at the pristine Boulder Reservoir with an exhilarating start-off to the comp by an adrenaline junkie skydiver hurling his limbs from a helicopter. In his possession... the last plastic grip needed to begin the comp. With a massive crowd and a heart pulsing DJ, this historical competition will be on the minds of onlookers and competitors for a long time.

It was clear towards the end of the finals that local Boulderites, are the countries most disgustingly strong climbers, apart from none other than fellow Five Ten team star, Julian Bautista.  After crushing all the problems with ease, it wasn't until the last problem when Julian found himself in a head to head battle against the local phenom, Daniel Woods.  Giving Daniel a run for his money, Julian made numerous impressive attempts with every last bit of energy left.  In the end, overall results between men and women were dominated by Five Ten® athletes. Is it the shoes????

The next day was a very relaxing day with flash backs of the unforgettable excitement of the prior evening.  I figured with the mix of heat and rainy weather, no rock would be feasible for climbing on my short visit. With high hopes I raced up Boulder canyon for an afternoon sesh. To much prevail the line I had in mind was right on the edge of the rain storm. Having a hint of dryness and just enough friction for me to make a rapid ascent of Cage Free V11. One of the most notorious dyno's in the area was well worth the trip.

Back in Salt Lake City, cool temps and new rock await me. New highballs, solo's and super projects are the the next months menu, and ohh do I have an appetite, hahahahaa!


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