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Notes from Canada—athlete Seb Lazure reports it!

Notes from Canada—athlete Seb Lazure reports it!
May 17, 2010 -  Sebastien Lazure    

I’ve been travelling for climbing for now three years to many places in the USA, Canada and Mexico. But my climbing did not bring me to other continent… Yet! For the first time of my life I will be flying over sea with my girlfriend and 3 friends! Departing on June 28th in destination of Rocklands, South Africa! I’m so psyched!

Some might say that it is not the good moment to go there this year with the FIFA world cup and they are probably true... but we wanted to go and weren’t ready to wait another full year.


Plane tickets, hotels, car rentals, food: cost of everything is for sure a bit higher than normal and it’s kind of understandable from local out there to try making profits out of this situation where an enormous number of rich soccer fans from Europe will be attending the event. Dealing with that we have such a hard time trying to find the best deal out of all those tourist traps and we are not done with it yet. I’m still looking for a good price for a car; it’s not easy when you are five with crash pads and stuff.

We got a good deal for our tickets compare to other prices we’ve found. I think the trick is to not be rushed and to start looking for it as soon as you know where you want to go. We could have bought way cheaper tickets buying it sooner, just before they rise for the FIFA. It’s practically like playing loto, one day it can be something and the other a lot more expensive, you never really know...

Organization is kind of a pain in the ass right now. But we need to be a bit more organized than usually. It is annoying but I’m sure it gonna worth it later on, when we’ll be in one of the world bouldering Mecca’s. I just bought a new camcorder and will be trying to make a little movie from our trip to have some good souvenirs to bring home and to have some footage to show you. I’m excited!

For now, I gotta focus on the Canadian National next week end in Toronto.



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