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Shawn Diamond - Blogolishes

Shawn Diamond - Blogolishes
Shawn Diamond - Blogolishes
May 17, 2010 -  Shawn Diamond    

We call it delicious. When wind, weather, sun rock and body come together just right, I can climb beyond any of my natural means. I don’t have many climbing dreams but when I do, I’m weightless, without gravity floating. I had one last night – driving me up an ancient and beautiful Sierra Arete I saw last spring. It’s a granite tower: 10 or 15 meters into the sky, V10 or so, perfect and waiting. We’re going BACK babies!


I just got the call from photographer and friend Damon Corso that long time buddies: Chris Lindner, Damo and I will hike up into the Sierra’s again to Lake Hamilton with Charlie Barret and the boys to put up some freshies! Maybe I’ll try and convince through blogging powers Ethan Pringle to get on up and out before he ventures to OZ. I’m wrapping with Jeff Achey, editor of climbing, on our Sierra expose now which should motivate the plenty’s out there to swoop up there FiVE-Tens and adventure out in our homeland California. Go Get Some. Deadpoint will feature some Damo images, the sad boulders and a video we put together earlier this spring to keep an eye out…These summer dreams reminded me of days back in LAS VEGAS at the Charleston, so I dug up some oldies but goodies of working on Ghetto Booty 14c/d for your enjoyment!

Meanwhile NYC has been heating up. And I don’t mean my OB-GYN rotation…umpf. But on a medical front, I am actually starting to collect a really great base of images and writings that I am going to build into a “Climber’s Handbook.” A medical guide for climbers on Hand physiology, pathophysiology, injury and intervention – empowering climbers to understand our most sacred body part, strengthen, heel and seek out appropriate care when needed.

But I’ve also been cruising around the Gunks picking out some of the more esoteric areas: Giant’s Workshop, Triple Right, and the likes circuiting on a big base of climbs as well as kicking it at the less esoteric but mega dope Brooklyn Boulders with epic new roofs for training. The summer is nearly upon us and for some frisby in the park.

For me, I’m dreaming up more climbing….


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