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Paul Robinson's Ready to Climb the World!

Paul Robinson's Ready to Climb the World!
Paul Robinson's Ready to Climb the World!
May 13, 2010 -  Paul Robinson    

This May marks my last month in Colorado before departing on my grand world trip. I finished my final final exam of college, which has been quite an accomplishment for me! It has been difficult to juggle a full time schedule in school and climb at a professional level at the same time. But now that I am finished with my college degree, I am happy to say that the upcoming years will be filled with 100 percent climbing. The limits are endless to the places that I will go and the climbs that I will be able to try!


This May, I have been training extremely hard for the upcoming world cup in Vail, CO at the beginning of June. This competition is still a few weeks off and I know that the next few weeks are going to be filled with campusing, power training, and endurance training. The Vail World Cup I find to be one of the best all around competitions in our country each year. The competition does not favor one single type of climbing. It really takes into consideration every type of climbing and the unexpected becomes the norm. I also hope to be able to compete in more world cups in europe in the next few years.

After the World Cup in Vail, I will be heading to South Africa for the remainder of the summer months. After my first trip to the Rocklands, I knew I would have to get back as soon as possible! The amount of rock there is infinite! I am really excited on exploring and finding new lines that may have never been seen before. This is going to be an amazing Summer! Keep an eye out on the 5.10 blog for more updates from my travels!


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