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Shon Bollock Update from Brush Creek Race 2010

Shon Bollock Update from Brush Creek Race 2010
Shon Bollock Update from Brush Creek Race 2010
Shon Bollock Update from Brush Creek Race 2010
Shon Bollock Update from Brush Creek Race 2010
May 07, 2010 -  Shon Bollock    

On Thursday (4/15/10) the Shasta Boyz set out from Santa Cruz, Shon Bollock, my brother River Krimmer, and Chiseki McConnaughay aka the tooth fairy named for reasons you will soon see.

After a 7 hr drive, with trash directions from an i-phone, we got to the Brush Creek take out and crashed around 1 am.



The following day Friday the 16th, we got up early to lap it up. This was my brothers first creek and we routed him down everything blind, he killed it. The crew finished out with 3 laps for the day and I pretended like I was finding my race lines. After a day of Brush Creekin we opted for burgers at KRBC a must do if your down in Kernville.

On Saturday (4/17/10) was the race. We woke up early to get in one lap before the competitors meeting. There was a great turn out for the event and it was good to see all the home boyz. The winning time was set by none other than Jason Hale with a time of 2:34. I took 11th with a time of 2:49. You can see the full results here.

The Brush Creek Race was a good event and had a great showing of competition.

On the paddle out from the race course we were routing down as the next rapid went out of sight. The “tooth fairy” aka Chiseki was in in front of me about 10 ft going into the rapid. He got stuck in some some wood at the bottom of the little drop as I came down behind him. As the tooth fairy push off the shore his paddle came back and snatch the teeth right out my mouth. It resulted in my front right tooth and the one next to it getting some big chips taken out. Having pieces of teeth shattered across your face is a feeling I will not soon forget.

They hurt like a biatch and it took 4 days to get them fixed. But I got my pearly whites back and trying to finish out strong with school as I get my AA in June. This is really hard with the melt starting here in Cali as there is sooooo much good stuff going off.

So if your somewhere else in the world and have nothing to do, I would strongly suggest Cali because we live in paradise.

Featured below is some head cam of the event. Huge shout out to all my sponsors that make these events possible.

Hope everyone is on a river somewhere.

Photos courtesy of Kate Wagner


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