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GIANT/HBG Race Report from Gravity East

GIANT/HBG Race Report from Gravity East
GIANT/HBG Race Report from Gravity East
GIANT/HBG Race Report from Gravity East
GIANT/HBG Race Report from Gravity East
May 05, 2010 -  Five Ten    

May 1st, 2010 was the first round of the Gravity East Series (GES) in Massanutten, VA. It was the first time the whole team got together at a race and for the first time the pits/bikes/jerseys were all put together... We have created a monster team. Everyone on the team gets along amazing and we all have awesome personalities (one of the big reasons why I picked the riders who that I did).


The Bikes worked awesome, besides all the flats that we got this weekend, not just the team but all 263 people that raced. It was great to see all the East Coast racers again and they were all stoked to see Jason and I back on the East Coast where the real racing is at.

Jason Memmelaar took 2nd in pro behind former 2008 national DH Champ Gerrit Baytagh.  Jason was lookin fast all weekend coming from his first race at the ProGRT race in Port Angeles WA. Jason finished with a 29th there, not what he had in mind but thats racing.

Gavin Vaughan took a solid 4th place this weekend and really opened people's eyes! Kid has pure talent dripping off him like the syrup dripping off the trees in Vermont. SICK! Be on the look out for this kid, he is going to do big things.

Alex Moschitti and Chris Higgerson were looking fast in practice but couldn't lay down a good time come race.
PJ Mihalick took a solid 3rd in the Cat 1 class.

Dennis "Ironman" Yuroshek Raced both OPEN and Pro. In Open He pinch flatted at the top of the course but kept the wheels turning and some how air held till the end for a 1st place finish (17th fastest overall in the day). Pro run was not so hot, went off course and crashed, and just had nothing left in the tank. The 90+ degree heat soaked it all up on him and on everyone else as well.

Overall 4 out of 6 Giant/HBG riders on the podium!

Alex Moschitti took the front page of Jason Memmelaar has pictures on and Team got GREAT exposure this weekend and we are going to keep it rolling all season.

Thanks to all the amazing people that helped put this stunning team together!


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