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Update from Rider Josh Maurer

Update from Rider Josh Maurer
May 05, 2010 -  Five Ten    

A long overdue update! It has been a while since I last posted, so I have quite a bit to talk about. First I am happy to say I am only 11 days away from getting married to my amazing fiance Emily on Saturday May 15th. We got engaged in December of 2008, so it has been a long time in the making. The wedding is going to be held at my parents home in Scotts Valley CA with all of our closest family and friends. We are also doing a short and sweet honeymoon to Hawaii the following weekend. I am unbelievably excited to say the least for the big day. Check out our wedding website for more information.


A few weeks ago now was the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey CA. I was out there Friday through Sunday practicing, hanging out with friends, and racing. I ended up crashing in my race run on the last jump of the course which cost me easily 10+ seconds in my race run. I finished with a time of 2:39.9 which put me in 21st place in CAT-1 (25-29). I was pretty bummed about the crash, but on the plus side I had a great weekend with all of my friends. I also had some pretty serious mechanical issues in the 2 days of practice before race day. I ended up breaking my derailleur off the bike both days. Big props to Ryan at Shimanno for hooking me up and upgrading me with all brand new Saint gear.

I also got some not so good medical news about my shoulder I recently had surgery on in July of last year. I started getting sharp and uncomfortable pain in my shoulder where the surgery was, so I went to see the doctor to check things out. After multiple tests and scans (arthrograms hurt a TON after by the way) they found one of the anchors they implanted into my scapula to hold one of the permanent sutures in place has moved a few mm out of the bone and into my shoulder joint. The doctor unfortunately said this can cause some serious damage to my shoulder joint if it is not removed. I am not sure when exactly, but sometime this year I am going to need to go into surgery again to fix things in there. Thankfully, the doctor assured me the procedure is nowhere near as involved as the last surgery and the recovery time would be significantly quicker.

That is all for now, I might be a little quiet as the wedding gets closer but plan to get back on regular updates soon! I just wanted to get everyone caught up to date on me! Thanks again to all of my sponsors for all of the help so far this year. I would not be the rider I am today without all of your support!


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