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Andi Wittman Update from Vienna and Duisburg

Andi Wittman Update from Vienna and Duisburg
Andi Wittman Update from Vienna and Duisburg
Andi Wittman Update from Vienna and Duisburg
Andi Wittman Update from Vienna and Duisburg
April 28, 2010 -  Five Ten    

Finally spring time started, temperatures are warm enough to ride in t-shirts and the first comps already took place in Europe. What is the best feeling ever? For me it was definitely when I landed my cork 720 for the first time on dirt at the Best Trick contest in Vienna. It took a lot of work and time last winter and now it‘s on and one of my new tricks I can show at all the comps.


The first big Contest of the year went through - The "Vienna Air King“. Every year again Vienna is the place where all big names of the mtb scene are showing their new tricks they learned in the off season. I was happy to see that I can really keep up with the level of the worlds top rider and was stoked about my 3rd place in the qualifications. In the end they decided to run the finals in really windy conditions and so a lot of the top riders couldn‘t bring one of their three runs down... So I finished 8th with a run I could just straight jump the third jump. I was really disappointed after that but the best trick contest on Sunday was one more chance to show what‘s going on: I could stomp the Cork 720 in my third try the first time on dirt ever! That was enough to win the Best Trick competition because that trick has never been shown in a contest ever! So stoked about that.

Duisburg is the town where every year the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds are taking place. For me it was the first time there and I definitely  enjoyed it. As a wildcard rider I had to dice one of the set riders I had to ride against in the first heat. Amir Kabbani was the man I had to  compete against in the first heat. A really hard one and I missed to beat him in my runs with just 0,4 points. Too bad... But the Comp was going on and I didn‘t give up. I was looking forward to the X-Box 360 best trick contest. In that one I could show the Cork 720 again and it was enough to take 3rd place behind Sam Pilgrim and Martin Söderström.


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