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Alex D. Johnson at Red River Gorge

Alex D. Johnson at Red River Gorge
Alex D. Johnson at Red River Gorge
Alex D. Johnson at Red River Gorge
Alex D. Johnson at Red River Gorge
April 19, 2010 -  Alex David Johnson    

For my spring break, March 30th – April 4th, my buddy, Eric Monson, and I cruised on down to the Red River Gorge.  We arrived Tuesday the 30th of March around 5 o’clock.  Since we had some time to kill, we decided to go to Drive by Craig.  I hopped on the classic Ro-Shampo 5.12a.  The next day, Wednesday, I headed on over to The Gallery.  I warmed up on Mosaic 5.12c, a very cool route, and then went over to Calm like a Bomb 5.13b, which I on sighted.  It was a tricky climb for me, just because the route followed a crack and that’s not really my style, but I was able to power through.


After that, I worked on a 5.14 project.  I really enjoyed being pushed to my limit on nearly every move.  It really got me motivated to get stronger.  Thursday, I went on over to Midnight Surf I warmed up on Cell Block Six 5.12c.  This route was amazing, big moves to solid holds.  I then went over to Tapeworm 5.12d, which also had big moves to solid holds.

Finally, I was warm for Shiva 5.13b.  The route starts off with chill 5.11 climbing to a killer lay down rest, which I enjoyed for a longtime.  After the rest, though, comes the crux: a very hard boulder problem and dyno followed by 12 climbing.  After I got some good beta from a local that stopped by, I made quick work of the route on my third go.

On Friday, I headed on over to The Mother Load, one of my favorite crags.  I had my eyes set on The Madness 5.13c I had tried this route at the end of the day last year and loved it.  I sent it on my first go.  I then headed on over to my nemesis Golden Touch 5.13b, a short but super crimpy route.  I finally laid the route to rest on my fourth go that day.  I was very happy to be done with that route.

The last day Saturday, I went to Drive by Crag.  I really wanted to get on the very cool line Kaleidoscope 5.13c.  I ended up flashing the route, and skipped the last clip making for a nice 25ft+ run out.  After Kaleidoscope, I worked on my project Super Charger 5.13d/14a.  This is probably my favorite route at the red, just big bouldery powerful moves on big openhanded pinches.  I was able to get the route down to one fall.  I had a super fun time at the Red climbing and hanging out with my friends at Miguel’s.  I cannot wait to get down to the Red again.


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