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Isaac Caldiero climbs Bishop

Isaac Caldiero climbs Bishop
Isaac Caldiero climbs Bishop
Isaac Caldiero climbs Bishop
April 19, 2010 -  Isaac Caldiero    

"I have just arrived spontaneously in Bishop California, the cause..... work, and as always some climbing as well. I've been out here already for 4 days slowly building skin, power and technique for bouldering. I always forget why Bishop is such an amazing place aside from the great climbing, the people, town and surroundings never fail to impress me, not to mention the delicious pastries from Schats bakery!


I'm super psyched for I have a couple weeks here, I've literally been dying to return to the Buttermilks since I last left their presence three years prior.  You're all probably asking why I would ever come to Bishop this time of year in the blazing temperature??  Well its actually quite nice at the moment, according to the weather forecast it will be reasonably good for the next couple weeks.  So far there has been an abundance of wind and cloudy days, making fondling of one of the sharpest stones in the world feasible.

First step was to meet up with my good friend and phenomenal rock climber Wills Young.  Having been caught up in home reconstruction for the last while he as well could use some skin refreshing on the stone!

One of the main objectives which has been haunting my motivation for highballs over the past year is Ambrosia, which was done a year or so back by fellow Five Ten® athlete Kevin Jorgeson.  After scoping out the line it has left me more impressed than I would have ever imagined.  Not only is it extremely difficult, long and dangerously high, to top it all off, the upper half of the climb is not as solid as one would hope for when aspiring to send such an extreme highball. Thus making it even more of a mental mind game. Nonetheless, I cant wait to get back on the route and suss out the beginning boulder problem for I feel this line in particular suites my motivation and style very well.

With a little bit of time getting comfortable with the moves and lots of visualization, I see myself topping out this beautiful beast of a boulder problem."


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