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Isaac Caldiero checks in from the 2010 Red Rock Rendezvous

Isaac Caldiero checks in from the 2010 Red Rock Rendezvous
March 31, 2010 -  Isaac Caldiero    

"After a quick visit to the Red Rock Rendezvous, which by the way was an event that everyone should consider visiting if you haven't already.  Chilling with the Five Ten crew along with many other motivated individuals, made this years event a memorable one.  Good music, delicious food, tantalizing beverages and amazing times.  OHH, I almost forgot to mention the great time I had teaching psyched climbers from all over the country how to place traditional gear and to trust it when falling..."


Shortly after was the Moe's Valley trail building and competition.  This was a very important event to take place for its been a long awaited and much needed time to be had.  Over 40 people showed up early in the morning to help build trails and sustain the future progression of this magical bouldering area.  As well the best coffee in town was provided by none other than the Bean Scene, along with high energy grub and beats to keep the climbers moving throughout the day.  Thanks to all who participated!

As the seasons begin to change, so does the motivation.  For me, as the heat arises my psyche to grab small sharp holds on boulders diminishes.  Fortunately for me there is an abundance of stone here in the southern Utah, so when the blistering warmth arrives, there is always cold, windy crags that are easily accessible, making the near summer cycle tolerable.  Im speaking of the Cathedral, home to such stunning lines as Golden(5.14b), Slaughter House(5.14b/c) and the Incredible Huck(5.14b) to name a few.  Spent the last couple days camping and climbing with my good friend Seth, sussing out moves and getting a feel for the endurance/technique needed for this particular place.  It's going to be a perfect season with the late spring breeze blowing in right around noon making for pristine sending temps.


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