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March 31, 2010 -  Brenden Gebhart    

Intro about me and how I fell into the world of 5.10 :)

In case you don’t know me, my name is Brenden Gebhart. I was raised in Pennsylvania and Michigan, and moved out to Arizona for college. I had always been pretty crazy, climbing everything in sight, free running, backflipping off of buildings – the usual madman stuff. When I got to Arizona, I dropped straight into the climbing scene, and with that came the slacklining. Being a gymnast, I naturally took to tricklining. I was landing backflips on the line within the first week. I was getting pretty good, when an unfortunate/fortunate event took place. My slackline hardware malfunctioned and tore into my hands. I emailed the company that I got it from and they reimbursed me with more slacklines. I asked them about what shoes are usually worn for intense tricklining…which led me to 5.10.


Five-Ten shoes are by far the best shoes I’ve ever worn, and they have allowed me to do tricks that I was previously scared shitless to do. For example: wallflips. The worst thing you want to happen is for you to run up to a wall and plant your foot on it, only to have your foot slip and you land on your head. Today I put on my 5.10 Line Kings, went up to a brick wall and landed a wallflip 360 on my first try. I hadn’t done a wallflip in about a year, and I’d never done it without a mat of some sort on the wall and floor.

Five-Ten shoes have amazed me from the first time I put a pair on. They are the only shoe company that I know of currently making such a wide variety of shoes that are comfortable, durable, stylish, and useful.

There won’t be another thing I ever jump off of or onto without my trusty Five-Tens.

—Brenden Gebhart


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