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Update from California

March 18, 2010 -  Natasha Barnes    

At the beginning of last summer I planted a little seed. That seed has now sprouted into a full blown love for sport climbing. 

Its been raining off and on in San Francisco but that hasn't stopped us from taking advantage of the days in between when its been sunny.  Last Saturday I fell on essentially the last move of Assassin and ended up one-hanging it twice. My friend Dan Urban, who had been working the climb with me, CRUSHED and made it look easy which got me even more psyched and anxious to send. Sunday the psych was high but the energy level was not, so I fell really low on the climb every attempt. I was too excited about my progress to wait until the weekend to go back so I took the day off of school and made a mid week trip back out on Wednesday. 



On Wednesday everything came together and I made it to the anchors and sent but not without a fight. I had to TRY HARD. This is what I love most about climbing. Tapping into that part of your mind and digging deep even though everything hurts and you are exhausted. Its the most fulfilling feeling in the world to be able to be in that head-space and keep it together for the send. Assassin!! 13d!!! Hard 5.13 was NEVER even on my radar until now. I am really really happy.  I was so nervous that the climb would start to get under my skin and that things would start to get mental but I sent just in time to avoid that. I am even having the urge to send it again because it was so fun! Since going back I also managed to send Toe to Toe (13a) second go and Misdemeanor (12d) second go.


I am really excited by my personal progression in sport climbing. I am starting to feel like I like it more than bouldering. Can't wait to see what this Spring has in store...


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