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If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.

March 03, 2010 -  Natasha Barnes    

Rain in San Francisco.


In many parts of the country, February is the bleakest month in terms of weather. However, for this reason it is also a time of hope during which the popular imagination turns to spring. It's only a matter of time before people start thinking about love, and on February 14th many couples expressed their love by celebrating Valentine's Day. Inevitably though, these expressions of love were probably tainted by outside influences as foolhardy people attempt to incorporate their own interests into Valentine's Day instead of temporarily setting them aside and focusing on their partners. Climbers especially have a tendency to do this, since many of us are unable to focus on anything besides rocks for more than a few moments. Sometimes though, both members of a couple love climbing as much as they love each other--at least according to this recent post on DPM:


In this case, it would appear that two people can live together in a blissful state of love and perpetual climbing. This makes me very happy, I wish them many joyful years together, and I have absolutely no issue with them. I do, however, have an issue with this:


RAIN and MORE RAIN in sunny California this entire past week made for interesting conditions this weekend at the cliff and on the hike up.

Muddy, muddy hiking.


And so it was that, beset by precipitation, we headed up to the cliff this weekend on a twofold mission. I won't bother you with too many details concerning the first fold of this mission, but it involved taking my pants off and fording across a class II rapid that is usually a stream.

Totally stole this picture from Denise.  Thanks, girl!


It was reminiscent of back in the early 80's when Apple II's were the hottest thing to hit elementary schools since the lunch box thermos combination and you, me and everyone we know were playing Oregon Trail. We were forced to reenact this situation in order to go climbing.



We made it across with minimal losses although it was unfortunate that we lost the monkey.


Next part of the mission...

We arrived at the crag to find the it more damp than I've ever experienced it but that didn't stop anyone there from getting down to business. My project Assassin (13d) is starting to come together. Saturday I had a good beta run on it and found more ways to cheat on it ( aka knee-bars) and Sunday I made a high-point. Wednesday I was planning on skipping class to have another go but there's been too much rain and conditions are suboptimal so I am aiming for Thursday which is supposed to be sunny. I am burning with anticipation to get out there again. I'm feeling close and I'm excited to see what the new high-point will be...maybe the anchors?? I've never undertaken anything this difficult before and its been a great experience learning how to project a sport route. It's a very gratifying feeling to piece together the moves on a difficult route and feel yourself making progress and getting more fit.


I'm going to leave you with this quote that I saw on the bumper of a car today but modified to be relevant to climbing;


Everybody believes in something. I believe I'll go fishing CLIMBING.


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