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First Bulgarian BASE Jump! Congratulations Ivo!

March 02, 2010 -  Five Ten    

Ivo Ninov, Five Ten® athlete and European Event Coordinator, just scored the first Bulgarian BASE Jump.

Not only was it an exciting day for 5.10®, but Ivo scored air time on the National News

"Today was our first recorded jump from the bridge Vitinya. "Base jumping is considered one of the most dangerous in the world and is practiced by less than 2000 people," says Marina Evgenieva. Who is he and what drives him to jump from bridges, buildings, antennas?

Story by: Marina Evgenieva operators Michael and Ivan Krastev Filchev 

This is the first leap of Ivo Ninov in Bulgaria and the 227th of his basejumping career. Ivo  mastered jumping in the United States first making about 150 jumps with a parachute from an airplane. "To know how to behave in the air to control your body now and then you can apply it at lower altitudes, so that jumping from this bridge, it is 120 meters, usually by jumping from an airplane - jump from 3000 meters", said Ivo Ninov. Highest point, from which it leaps Ivailo was 1000 meters. "Basejumping - this is a way of life. When you start it is very addictive. Adrenalin, and others, which is that you need much knowledge to know how to do it with situations," added Ivailo. In these early jumps were carried out with normal parachute equipment, it is believed that the first jump was in 1912 from the Statue of Liberty. The name of the sport stands for four basic categories of objects from which jumps - buildings, antennas, bridges and cliffs. "In Europe it is absolutely legal to jump from cliffs, from anywhere. Switzerland and Norway are the most popular places for jumping, but everywhere in the Alps there are conditions for this thing. But in the states is totally different system - you go, jump in the dark nobody sees, nobody knows anything and everything ends and it is, then it never was, "said Ivo. To obtain equipment in this sport is not easy because before you sell or parachute jumping suit must prove that you are well trained and have extensive experience with jumping from a plane."


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