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Five Ten® athlete Miles Daisher on 3D Human Flight

Five Ten® athlete Miles Daisher on 3D Human Flight
February 24, 2010 -  Five Ten    

"Thank you Five Ten® for dialing me in to the best rubber you can put on your feet on planet earth. 

I'm super pumped to be rocking Five Ten® gear running and flying around in Florida.  In Lauterbrunnen last summer the Exum Guide was the best Swiss valley hiking shoe for flying Squirrel suits down big walls.  Now, I especially like the Camp Four's while Skydriving.  We are flying wing suits in tight formations and readying ourselves for the next movie performances. 

The 3D Human Flight movie is scheduled to hit theaters this summer.  Check out humanflight3dmovie for an older movie trailer or you can see more action on of our latest jumps.
Also I'm firing up other irons and projects this Spring and Fall.  Air show demonstrations with Red Bull as well as a few TV appearances are being planned as we speak.  The big thing I'm beginning training for is the 24 hour human powered BASE record.  I already hold it but wish to better it by hiking more than the height of Everest (29,035ft) from sea level in less than 24 hours. This will take place during the Perrine Bridge festival in Twin Falls Idaho this September. 

In 2005 I did 57 jumps hiking out of the 486 foot deep Snake River Canyon.  I was hindered by weather and just three jumps and hikes away from the Everest equivalent. I'm also hoping to get my a** up El Cap with Dean Potter this year.  I've always been more a big wall faller but I'm pumped to crawl up that bad boy too for the first time.  Climbing this rock has been my dream for quite some time.  I'm ready for the reality check. Game ON!"

-Miles Daisher


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