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Isaac Caldiero's plans for 2010

February 05, 2010 -  Isaac Caldiero    

The New Year
After 6 months of traveling through Europe with fellow Five Ten team mates Dave Graham and Jon Cardwell along with videographer Seth Giles, it's now time to focus my updated knowledge of rock fondling here on my home turf of Utah!  With heavy snow storms and blistering cold winds up north, I have no choice but to strap on my wings and fly south.  What better place than sunny Saint George, with all the recent development over the past years, it has now made it's way onto the maps as a destination area.  Whether you're a rock climber, mountain biker or outdoor enthusiast, southern Utah has it all.

Although constantly on the fringe of new development, I still find ease to my rock addiction by repeating old classics as well as showing friends around areas that in the past were new to me.  The excitement reached by others is such a good energy to feed off, and is one of the main attractions in climbing that I admire.  To establish areas then afterwards be the onlooker of fellow climbers as they pass by and have their way with certain visionary expressions which I originally experienced on rock.

Over the past couple weeks down south, I've found myself between the towering limestone walls of the Virgin River Gorge consumed by the endless pump, and the difficult friction dependent blocks of Moe's Valley.  Which brings me to my New Year resolution, to stay fit in both long enduro routes and short powerful boulder problems.  By traveling all over the world and incorporating these well-rounded strategies upon every shape, size, and texture of rock imaginable.  This I feel is very progressive and overall more enjoyable due to the huge variety that comes with these two opposing techniques in climbing.   This also enables me to take full advantage of the different styles of shoes that have been specifically designed for various types of rock by none other than guess who? Some would agree that I have literally lost touch of my fast twitch muscles, having dedicated the last 6 months to sport climbing.  Nonetheless my endurance levels have increased and my technique has breached new grounds.  For the next 4 months I will reside in and around some of the newly found hot zones of American climbing areas.  I'm super psyched to combine my passion and energy by establishing new areas within the sport climbing realm.  I'm talking new limestone caves with features we all dream of late in the wee hours of night.  With more motivation than an elephant stampeding towards an oasis in Africa, only time and good weather will foretell the future of rock climbing in southern Utah.

-Isaac Caldiero


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