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Jon Cardwell - Looking forward to 2010

Jon Cardwell - Looking forward to 2010
January 07, 2010 -  Five Ten Webmaster     

"Well it's 2010 now and I was eager to start the year off right.  After almost two weeks of rain that basically put the climbing on a complete hold the weather finally cleared out.  The rain was hard for the motivation, however sometimes its good to take a break in between the years and relax. At first sun we were out! The first objective was to return to the Laboratory in Margalef to see how the climbs faired.  To my surprise Buma Ye and First Round First Minute were basically dry!  I went up once to clean the holds and re-check the moves, specifically my nemisis-morpho move that is the last.  Still unsure of the crux I gave a try and fell.  I was quite frustrated on how progress was going on this route but its rock climbing and sometimes it takes a simpler approach to overcome. I decided to trade a burn with Chris on FRFM and was shocked at how amazing the climbing on it is!  I figured out most of the moves and the bit of climbing motivated me massively.  I decided to take two days off, as I was sore like no other from thrashing about in the Laboratory after almost two weeks off... The next day at the laboratory the conditions couldn't have been better and the motivation was fresh from trying some new moves.  Thus, in the sun with a dry cold wind I finished Buma Ye and topped it out!  Its always a pleasure to complete something that was such a challenge and at the same time shocking how simple it can be when you approach it relaxed. "Ali Buma Ye! Ali, Kill Him!" - When We Were Kings The year has started and I have extend my ticket back to April.  Twenty Ten sounds nice! " - Jon Cardwell

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