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2009: Chris Danielson… A year in the world of climbing walls

2009:  Chris Danielson… A year in the world of climbing walls
January 05, 2010 -  Chris Danielson    

"Despite the economic downturn, the climbing gym world that I spend a lot of time in seems to be doing quite well.  In 2009, I bounced all over plying the competition routesetting trade, doing consulting work for climbing facilities, and clinics at gyms in various places.  The year started off with a flurry of big competitions - ABS Regionals in So Cal to the SCS Nationals route comp in SLC, then to ABS Nationals back home in Boulder.   I never get tired of these events – it’s a unique opportunity to showcase awesome climbing movement, and always fun to see my friends beast through our creations. Here’s a good shot of Carlo Traversi making pretty nice use of Jet 7s: During the preparation for these comps, I spend a week straight essentially living life in my tried-and-true Moccasyms, with the spare break to stretch my feet out running around in Daescents.  The Moccs, and my new staple, the 5X, are tireless... I love them.  And the Daescents… the only problem with them is that the Stealth® rubber is so incredibly sticky that at the end of the day I end up peeling numerous strips of routesetting tape off my soles!  But it’s a good problem to have… I’m siked on shoes that keep me sticking to the rungs of a ladder 30 feet up.  That I can wear them casual and climb moderates in them all day is a killer bonus. In the spring I did some consulting work and routesetting instruction in New York and up at a great gym in Toronto called Climber’s Rock.  Here is a shot from an earlier routesetting clinic there: The middle of the year was stacked with travel… The World Cup in Vail, and then routesetting clinics and training for new climbing walls in Colorado, Texas, California, Maine, Ohio… all over.  I really enjoy life as a climbing professional – teaching new climbers, working with routesetters and climbing gym owners and managers – every time I show a new climber or routesetter something about climbing movement, I’m newly inspired myself. This fall, I did a short routesetting article for Urban Climber called “Out of the Box” at my good friends’ new gym called Movement – trying to get people siked on better routesetting.  Here is an extra shot from that: Towards the end of 2009, I’ve been getting my days in at CATS and am siked to be headed out in early 2010 for another round of competitions… creating climbing… one wrench turn at a time!" - Chris Danielson

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