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Championship Quebec, Altitude Gym 2014 - Hans Christian Montenegro

Championship Quebec, Altitude Gym 2014 - Hans Christian Montenegro
August 06, 2014 - 

This competition was at Altitude Gym. It was the championship routes for the Quebec circuit.  This one was the last competition for this season. I was mentally drained and I really wanted to win the OVER ALL circuit Quebec. For this competition, there were all the categories, but you were supposed qualify from other competitions in order to make this championship. For open category, we were 8 people. Some time you could think that is better less people, but instead less people could mean losing your place very fast because all the qualified climbers have a good level.


We had two routes to qualification, one for semifinals and one for the finals. The first one was a nice route, very short with some big movements. I got the top it but I almost fell in one move where the feet were too far and I had to use a very high foot. The second route was a cool one. There were more sloppers and pinches than the first route. I fell two hold before the top. I fell because I hesitated to use a high foot or a very low foot. In this case, I use again the high foot and it was a bad decision because this foot put too much pressure in my hands and I fell in the middle of a crossing movement. The semi-final route was more technical than powerful. There were big movements, big holds and small crimps. I got the middle of the route. I fell because I did not pay attention to a knee-lot that seemed too far for me. But, I am sure that I could do this movement.

Well, for the final route. We were five climbers. This route was the best one, with bad feet, weird body position and fat pinches. I fell three holds before the top. At the end, I got second place and the most important thing for me; I won the overall circuit Quebec 2014.

I am very happy with my performance. Thanks for reading.


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