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Délire Quebec 2014, Hans Montenegro

Délire Quebec 2014, Hans Montenegro
Délire Quebec 2014, Hans Montenegro
July 02, 2014 - 

This competition was at Delire gym in Quebec City. The competition was well organized but there were not many people. It was a good experience and a good opportunity to meet new climbers from a different region (where normally I don’t go for competition).



The Competition was only for open Category (no junior). Despite this, some good junior climbers were there for getting more experience in the adults’ category.

This competition had 14 climbers in the open category. We had two routes for qualifying, one route for semi-finals and one for the finals. The first route was in a big steep wall (it is a beautiful wall). The holds were news and clean. This route was more powerful than technical. I climbed it very well. I did almost all the movements with the right beta but I fell two holds before the top. Indeed, I was pumped and I hesitated for clipping the quick draw. But, I am happy with my try.

The second route was more technical style. It was just a little morphological (but, not too much). I climbed this one and I fell after the middle of the route. In general, many people fell before this point.

The semi-finals route was nice. It had big and small holds, with big and short movements (I like diversity). I remember two dynamic movements. One of them was a double dyno and the other was a campus cross movement to a big pinch. I did top in this route. This route was the best setting in my opinion. I told the route setter what a gray job he did.

The final route was again on the steep big wall. There were more core movements, with bicycles feet and slopper hands. The rout was good but nobody did top and nobody get the middle of the route. I won this competition because I climbed faster than other climber who fell at the same hold than me. I am so happy for this result. Here, I have a new gold medal.

Here you have the final route. Thanks for watching and reading.


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