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SCS 2014 Regionals - Zoe Steinberg

SCS 2014 Regionals - Zoe Steinberg
SCS 2014 Regionals - Zoe Steinberg
SCS 2014 Regionals - Zoe Steinberg
SCS 2014 Regionals - Zoe Steinberg
SCS 2014 Regionals - Zoe Steinberg
May 30, 2014 -  Zoe Steinberg    

SCS regionals were a few weeks ago, down in Rockville, Maryland.  I drove down the day before the comp, which was also my last day of classes, to stay with my friend Kerry for the night.  We ended up having a 4-hour AP biology study session for most of the evening, since we were both taking the exam the next Monday, and crashed at about 11:30 since the comp was the next morning.


When we got to the gym, I found out that there were 8 people in my age group, which made things interesting, since only 7 kids per category advance to divisionals.  In the end, one girl in my age group did not show up, which meant that the entire category would move on.  That took any pressure off of the comp, so I spent most of my time in ISO studying more for the biology exam.  I was last in my category in the running order, but my age group was stacked first, so I did not have much time in ISO.  I went out to climb soon after the preview period, and did not feel very warmed up.  Luckily the first climb was much easier than it looked, and I flashed it without getting too pumped.  The second climb was way harder than it looked, and very pumpy, but somehow I managed to hang on until 3 or 4 move from the top, which turned out to be high point for my age group.  The third climb was also really hard, and I got to the middle of it before pumping out and coming off.  Overall, I think I could have climbed a bit better, especially on the third climb, but I still was able to place first by a couple of holds.  I also somehow placed first in speed climbing, although I have no idea how.  Either way, I was really happy with the results, even though I definitely need to work on my endurance a bit.

Since regionals, I went bouldering outdoors one weekend, and back down to Rockville last weekend to train on some taller walls.  Divisionals is in about 2 and a half weeks, and I feel like my endurance is gradually improving.  Hopefully all goes well there, which would mean a trip to nationals in mid July.  Anyway, I should have another blog post up in June about divisionals and probably climbing outdoors down south for a bit. Lastly, huge thanks to Five Ten for their amazing support and generosity for the three and a half years I've been working with them.  I honestly could not ask to work with a better group of people or a better company.

Photo credit: Izzy Gourley

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