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What's Next - Eric Sethna

What's Next - Eric Sethna
What's Next - Eric Sethna
May 29, 2014 - 

Eric Sethna summarizes his season and what's coming up next!


The3rd ever Canadian Bouldering World Cup approaches! On Saturday, hundreds of Canadian climbing fans will fill the stands at Gravity Climbing Gym in Hamilton, Ontario. The world’s best climbers will be here to do what they do best - pull hard and earn medals.

I am unbelievably psyched to be competing in this event. Last year I earned a slot to compete but had to back out due to a finger injury. I’ve earned my slot this year after a great season of Tour de Blocs beginning in November. Here are my season highlights:

1st – Tour de Bloc Regionals, Altitude in Ottawa Ontario

1st – Tour de Bloc Local, Grand River Rocks in Kitchener Ontario (My home gym! J)

2nd – Tour de Bloc Local, Climbers Rock in Burlington Ontario

2nd – Tour de Bloc Local, The Hive in Vancouver BC

2nd – Tour de Bloc Local, CCC in Calgary Alberta

3rd – Tour de Bloc Local, Grip It in Saskatoon Saskatchewan

3rd – Tour de Bloc Local, Centre Vertical in Montreal QC

I have achieved strong results this season travelling to competitions in five different provinces. Competitions are training days, and variety in training has shaped me into the climber I am - variety in holds, walls, movements and most importantly, competitors.  I’ve taken every opportunity to compete and train across the country to learn from my fellow competitors.

My season continues as I will be competing in the following bouldering World Cups this summer:

Hamilton, Canada – May 31/June 1

Vail, USA – June 6/7

Laval, France – June 27/28

Munich, Germany – August 21/22/23

I am very excited for a summer full of training, competing, and exploring around the USA and Europe! Stay psyched!



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