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Spring Break BMX Colorado to Arizona - Brian Gavagan

Spring Break BMX Colorado to Arizona - Brian Gavagan
Spring Break BMX Colorado to Arizona - Brian Gavagan
Spring Break BMX Colorado to Arizona - Brian Gavagan
Spring Break BMX Colorado to Arizona - Brian Gavagan
Spring Break BMX Colorado to Arizona - Brian Gavagan
Spring Break BMX Colorado to Arizona - Brian Gavagan
April 22, 2014 -  Brian Gavagan    

Riders from the Denver-based, Yellow Designs Stunt Team, traveled to Las Vegas, Lake Havasu City & Flagstaff, Arizona for BMX fun during Spring Break 2014. Lake Havasu City, AZ has always been home to some of the biggest Spring Break parties in the USA, but now there's a better reason to spend time in that sun chasers mecca...the Tinnell Memorial Sports Park! This skate park an amazing concrete play land built by California Skate parks and situated on the banks of Lake Havasu


The long cold winter of Colorado was taking its toll on our ability to ride, so we began planning a road trip to follow the sunshine and spend a few days riding BMX. We had all looked with envy at pictures of the newly constructed skate park in Lake Havasu. I put in a call to the Parks & Rec center and asked if there were any events coming up that Yellow Designs could be involved with. Sure enough they were planning an event called, "Teen Break" which is a 3-day end-of-the school event and involves games, rides, prizes, food, competitions & activities for local teens. Our part in Teen Break was to judge the daily BMX, scooter & sk8 competitions & perform BMX demos each day at the skate park. We were so stoked to get on the road and make this happen and we had a solid crew of guys on the trip. Jason Ride out, Brian Banghart & Gavin Malcolm arrived with smiles, bikes and gear at my house mid-day on March 16th and we packed the car and headed to our favorite local spot, Illegal Pete's to eat some grub before hitting the road. We drove through the beautiful canyons and over the high Colorado passes and eventually through the middle of nowhere, Utah. We stopped in Utah for a hotel late in the night and got good sleep so we could stick with our plan to make it to Las Vegas for St. Patrick's Day.

We put in the miles and felt the temps climbing as we ventured South. We made it to Vegas in the heat of the day and the green beer was flowing like a river. We were so stoked to get out of the car and pedal around Vegas and feel the desert breezes and see the palm trees. The costumes and festivities were plentiful in Vegas and we captured some of it with the camera as we rode through the crowds. As day turned to night, we met up with Gary Laurent, who runs as show team in Vegas and owns a bunch of amazing BMX & FMX ramps. We were invited to Gary's warehouse to check out the latest welding project he had in the works, which was a massive "globe of death" for up to four motorcycle riders to do high-speed loops inside of. Insane! After getting super stoked checking out all the cool custom-fabricated ramps and bikes we ate some late dinner and hit the road to Lake Havasu, AZ.

It was lucky we had arranged hotel rooms beforehand as Lake Havasu was booked up for weeks with the massive influx of Spring Breakers coming into town. Bikes were the perfect vehicle to cruise around town and check out all the happenings and drunken buffoonery going on with the Spring Break clans. As much as we enjoyed some late night fun, after riding in the hot sun all day, we were glad that our hotel was situated far enough away from the electronic dance music that got cranking around midnight and didn't stop until who knows when...

Our demos went great and each day our riding went to the next level as we learned more lines throughout the massive park. We conducted instructional lessons and judged the locals BMX, skate and scooter competitions and totally enjoyed the "lake life" of Havasu City. Everyone we met was friendly and excited about the coming of Spring. We filmed quite a bit and also obtained footage from a heli-mounted Go Pro for the "teaser" edit that goes with this story. Thanks Jeff Kemp!

After three great days in Lake Havasu, we headed East to Flagstaff, AZ to ride an amazing bike park. We had the place to ourselves and the two words to describe that park are: Steep & Deep! Massive bowls, sub-rails, and coping galore in Flagstaff, AZ. There's a sweet pic of Brian Banghart doing a tail whip on one of the many 6 foot or taller quarter-pipes. After shredding Flagstaff, we headed North and eventually made it to Albuquerque, NM to celebrate my birthday with some great mexican food and local brew skis. There are some great parks to ride in Albuquerque, but we'll have to save those for the next adventure. We were gone for a week, but packed so many adventures into each & every day, that it literally felt like a month!

Thanks to Five Ten, Illegal Pete's & the Lake Havasu Parks & Rec Dept. for the support!


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