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SCS Open @Sender One - Joseph Gifford

SCS Open @Sender One - Joseph Gifford
April 14, 2014 - 

This year SCS Nationals was held at the Sender One gym in Santa Anna California. The gym was actually pretty cool, and very new, all the holds and walls were really textured so my feet stayed on the wall quite nicely, at the competition they also gave out a lot of free stuff so I stalked up on red bull and cliff bars to last me awhile. The format of the competition was flash format which is where you have two climbs A and B and you can watch anyone attempt the climb before you get on the wall. I got on the A climb first which was face, overhung, and then curved back up to become more vertical, it was definitely the more powerful climb of the two. I did alright on the climb, I got more than half way up. The second climb was much more technical and vertical and I did worse on the B climb but not terrible. In the end I got 23rd, which was ok considering I had no endurance. I was unable to climb for a while because I got hit by a car while riding my bike in Portland and got pretty beat up but no broken bones thankfully. Anyway I did ok for not training that much at all. The next day I competed in speed and I got one my faster times a 6.98, surprisingly considering that the last time I competed in speed was last youth nationals like a year ago. The best of part of nationals was probably getting to see everyone that I only see at these comps only a couple times a year, it was a great time hanging out with all my good friends and I even got to ride in a bicycle car which was pretty dang awesome. Overall nationals was a great time and I'll be looking forward to the next pro comp.


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