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40 Hours of Horseshoe Heaven - Aicacia Young

40 Hours of Horseshoe Heaven - Aicacia Young
March 25, 2014 -  Aicacia Young    

This weekend I had the opportunity to go back to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, a gorgeous climbing destination just outside of Jasper, Arkansas. The last time I climbed at HCR was roughly 3 years ago when I first started climbing, so this trip brought back some very fond memories. All that I remember from my first trip to HCR was Mr. Magoo wall and a route called Orange Crush – a super fun and exposed 9+ that I distinctly remember flailing on. I made my first trip to HCR just after learning how to lead climb and lead belay, so sport climbing was all very new to me.


So when some friends proposed a climbing trip to Arkansas, I started counting down the days. My boyfriend and I were unable to stay longer than 2 days like we wanted to, but we decided to make the trip anyway. We arrived at our cabin at 2 am Saturday morning and left the ranch around 6 pm Sunday evening. During our 40 hours of Horseshoe Heaven, we climbed a ton of great routes. The super sticky sandstone was a breath of fresh air coming from the slick and polished limestone of Austin. I was able to smear like a crazy person on blank slabs, stick to some stubborn slopers, and absolutely cheese grate my fingertips off trying the start of Corn Grinder. Like any good climbing trip, there were ups and downs, but more importantly we left with sore fingers, tender skin, and aching muscles – all signs of a successful trip! We’ll definitely be returning to HCR whenever we get another chance, and this time, we’re staying for more than just a weekend.


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