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January till now... Delaney Miller

January till now... Delaney Miller
January till now... Delaney Miller
January till now... Delaney Miller
March 20, 2014 - 

My life has been pretty chaotic these last couple months! I really can’t believe how much time as flown by. I’ve been incredibly busy and consumed with activities; it’s going to be hard to adequately sum it all up! Since I’ve last blogged I’ve been to quite a few comps and have been engaged in a number of adventures. IT HAS BEEN A WIRHLWIND!!!! But now that I’m on spring break, I have time to catch my breath, relax and reflect. It’s so wonderful to finely have some free time!


Here is a quick re-cap of everything that’s happened since January:

-Went to divisionals with my team (Team Texas) to Atlanta to volunteer and cheer every one on! Afterwards we went to Horse pens 40, which was super exciting! I made my proudest send to date on Bum Boy (an impressive V3!). I worked that problem for a good thirty minutes in the dark and finally beach whaled my way up with the ugliest, sloppiest climbing I’ve ever done…But point is that I did it and I couldn’t have been more psyched!

-Returned to Colorado for the start of a new semester, which included Anatomy (a Human Cadaver lab!!!), Ice Skating (my PE credit), Chemistry, Public Speaking, and Techniques of Teaching Weight Training. It has been a tough semester and I’ve definitely struggled more than I have in the past in school. The cadaver lab has been fun, interesting, and a little unsettling.

-Went to Dark Horse Finals! Super fun and I placed 5th! Got to catch up with Ashima, which is always fun! I’m looking forward to returning to MetroRock on the 29th of this month to compete in the Iron Maiden!

-Went to ABS Nationals! Also a good time and I ended up 9th! I did well, but left the comp feeling extremely disappointed in myself. Last year (and the year before that) I got shut down on dynos. Since ABS 2013 I started focusing more than I ever have on my bouldering/base power so I would be able to do thuggy moves. I know my bouldering has improved, but it didn’t show on one of the more dynamic semifinal problems. I fell on my butt about a dozen times before running out of time. My score for that problem was sorry at best and I couldn’t believe that after specifically working on big moves I wasn’t able to pull the problem off. It’s hard to see that your work won’t always translate to the problem!

-Then I went to ABS Youth Nationals! This was my last ABS youth comp! I had a great time and ended up 4th! Once again, I left the comp feeling slightly disappointed in my climbing (for pretty much the same reasons as before) but there were some noteworthy positives that I could take away. I was able to keep my mental game managed better than previous years. That’s another thing I’ve started to work on because I’m beginning to recognize its importance. Ask pretty much any athlete about their sport and they will tell you it’s about 90% mental, so the mental game seems like a reasonable thing to work on, right? But most of us don’t because its hard to train and easy to ignore. I’m glad I’m not ignoring its worth because it helped me stay positive and work through the problems!

And now here I am enjoying spring break and psyched for SCS Nationals in a couple of weeks! The gym has become my home away from home this week partly because I have nowhere else to go, but mostly because that’s were I want to be. Training on my own schedule with no obligations and no deadlines to meet is, in my opinion the best feeling in the world. Cheers to climbing all the time and staying psyched!


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