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Bishop and the Rope Season - Nick Bradley

Bishop and the Rope Season - Nick Bradley
February 15, 2014 - 

So lately I have been taking quite a few short trips out to Bishop, which has been both fun and beneficial to my bouldering ability, but holding me back from ropes. Basically I've been projecting and projecting and sending harder than ever before, but I'm struggling on finding the focus on one particular event, such as Open SCS Nationals, or bouldering hard outside. This will all level out soon enough I'm sure though... Anyway, here's some updates on what's going on:


These past few trips to Bishop have gone pretty well, but also ending very frustratingly. Most of my projects I am sure I can send fresh, but going home after being so close on so many projects isn't exactly fun, though it is motivating. I was fortunate to send some projects such as The Mystery 8a+, Beefy Gecko 8a (Video) , and Action Jackson 7c+, but out of so many trips, it isn't much. I have about ten or so projects 7c+ and higher that I know will all go next trip, hopefully making it one of the most eventful trips I have ever been on. The main project that was a heart-breaker, was nearly flashing the famous Evilution, to the lip 7c+, and a couple tries later ripping open my finger, ending the trip. Next time. The next trip is far away, but I'll be in just as good shape, if not better, but now I have to start training for ropes.

Sport climbing has always been my main passion, and is becoming an obsession. I can't stand being away from ropes, and the bouldering season is just a ticking clock down to ropes. With so many trips to Bishop, my entire schedule has been thrown off, making it a strange combination of rope days, bouldering days, bishop trips, and a random rest week here and there. It's been strange, but my base endurance is fine, and now I'll start getting back on track to get stronger than ever. I plan to go to Open SCS Nationals in a couple of months to compete with the best, and show what I am capable of, but obviously I need to step up my training and get going. Last year I was more motivated than ever to get stronger than ever, and I plan to have the same mindset in order to be able to climb harder than I can even imagine. In addition, I have been running 5-8 miles a few times a week, each with a 7-minute pace, which I have found to help a huge amount in my endurance with climbing. So psyched. This year will be good, I know it.


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