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Hueco Tanks Adventure Part 1 - Joseph Gifford

Hueco Tanks Adventure Part 1 - Joseph Gifford
Hueco Tanks Adventure Part 1 - Joseph Gifford
Hueco Tanks Adventure Part 1 - Joseph Gifford
January 17, 2014 - 

This year I had an entire month off of school for fall break so I spent two amazing weeks in Hueco Tanks. The day after I got off the plane coming from Portland, OR I met up with Dalan Faulkner and Kyle Francis and began the 10 hour drive to Hueco.

On our first day in Hueco the weather was perfect, at 50/60 degrees F with clear skies, actually it was pretty much perfect the entire time I was there which has never happened to me while at Hueco because in previous years it had been super cold and frosty.

After a day or two of climbing we started to get acclimated to Hueco vibes and started sending. My first notable send was probably power of silence (V10) which is a casual and simple line, it only has five or six moves that are spread apart depending on how you do it and all you do is one big crux move and it’s pretty much over.

One of best climbs I did on North Mountain was Deans Journey (V10), it's a different climb in Hueco because the features are really unique and slopey with big features, to do the crux of the climb I basically had to completely turn around in a big hueco, press up and reach out to a good crimp while holding the swing.

Kyle and I tried Slash Face (V13) as much as we could, when I was trying it, it felt doable but I had trouble holding the crux crimp match and rip. I got a pretty nasty blood blister from jamming my fingers into the tiny match crimp and trying to hold it, but besides that I did all the moves, so I had to save it for next time.

Another good climb I did was El Techo (V11), when we were working the climb Kyle was trying the top, as he was climbing a beetle was crawling right above the next hold he was throwing for (Kyle hates bugs) and as soon as he saw the tiny black beetle slowly crawling towards him, he bailed off, screamed, and ran away, and so his nickname became Bugs for the rest of the trip it was a good laugh.

One thing that I never knew existed in Hueco was The Slide which is basically a small slick gap between two rocks that shoots down to the bottom of West Mountain and all you do is slide down and you can get going real fast if it’s done right, it was super fun. When I did it I got going surprisingly fast, fast enough to start becoming a little bit frightened but luckily I stopped soon enough before I hit the death hole at the bottom.

After about a week in Hueco we had to drive back and spend Christmas with our families but the day after, we drove right back out to spend another week climbing in Hueco Tanks.


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