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Strong Season Continues - Eric Sethna

Strong Season Continues - Eric Sethna
January 09, 2014 - 

The season continues! I was recently in Vancouver to climb at yet another comp in the string of Tour de Bloc and sanctioned competitions planned for the 2013/14 season. For the New Year, I’ve relocated back to Waterloo, Ontario to finish my degree and move onto the post-graduation phase of my life. Since I was back home in Banff, Alberta for my Co-op term, I’ve had the benefit of being all across Canada for the competition season this year. First of all, it’s great to see a thriving competitive scene all across the country. Competitions bring together so many climbers of all talent levels, and the common theme among all competitions is awesome people having a ton of fun. Secondly, it has been unbelievably great for my climbing to have the opportunity to climb with such a variety of intensely phenomenal climbers. Climbing is a unique sport where every climber you meet has something to teach you, and something you can teach them. I learn by simply observing other climbers, and not only their technique, but also things like competitive strategies and how people compose themselves at competitions. So much to learn and so much to appreciate from so many different people. It’s only January and I’ve competed in 4 provinces. I’m planning on 6 before National championships in April!

The decision to travel to Vancouver for the Tour de Bloc a couple weeks ago was pretty spur-of-the-moment. After the Tour in Calgary I was pretty psyched with how I was climbing and wanted to compete on as much different terrain, and with as many different people as possible. I booked a flight out and spent a total of 32 hours in Vancouver. It was my first time at the Hive Climbing Gym and it’s pretty crazy tall… and I don’t have much power endurance… Crap. I tried hard to space out my qualifying climbs to fully recover and avoid a perma-pump. I qualified first and managed the pump pretty well for qualifiers, but because I was resting more I finished climbing later and had less time than I would’ve liked to recover before finals. I felt a little drained when I stepped into ISO but after sitting around for 3 hours I managed to pull it together by the time I actually got out to climb. I climbed well but the long routes and powerful moves got the best of me in the end. Finals was littered with very involved and tricky sequences for both hands and feet. I ended up in 2nd place, and came very close to winning if I had only been able to push through the pump on the third bloc. It was valuable experience and a lot of fun. Shout out to the Hive and Dustin Curtis for putting together an excellent event.

Back to training! I’m happy to be training at my home gym, Grand River Rocks. They’ve just expanded to twice their original size and added some sick new bouldering angles that I’ll be training the hell out of. This weekend I’ll be at the Climber’s Rock Tour de Bloc. Happy climbing!


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