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Recap and Reflections - Zoe Steinberg

Recap and Reflections - Zoe Steinberg
Recap and Reflections - Zoe Steinberg
Recap and Reflections - Zoe Steinberg
Recap and Reflections - Zoe Steinberg
Recap and Reflections - Zoe Steinberg
Recap and Reflections - Zoe Steinberg
January 06, 2014 -  Zoe Steinberg    

First off I would like to wish everyone who is reading this a happy new year.  I hope your holidays were relaxing and spent doing what you love most with family and friends.  I’ve done a lot since my last blog post, so I’m going to sum that up, then reflect a little on the past year.


The weekend after regionals, I drove through the snowstorm up to Massachusetts to compete at one of Metrorock’s Dark Horse competitions.  I had heard a lot of good things about these events, and in all honesty, the comp easily outlived my expectations.  The redpoint qualifier round was laid back with well-set problems and a lot of psyched people.  It was great to climb with friends I do not normally see except at nationals in a less stressful environment.  After the redpoint round, there was a finals round, which was easily one of the top 3 most fun finals that I have competed in.  Josh Larson and Dave Wetmore did some outstanding work, and set a great variety of interesting, technical, and powerful problems, all of which were really fun.  I was really psyched to place third, since simply making finals was my goal for the comp, and I am looking forward to the next one in February.

After Dark Horse, I was home for the weeks leading up to the holidays, and then left early in the morning for Pennsylvania to meet up with my friends for the annual bouldering trip to Chattanooga I go on every year.  This year the trip had more people on it than usual, but it was still a great time.  Since there was so much going on, instead of going day-by-day, I’m just going to give some of the highlights of the trip.

Some of these highlights were:

  • Jesse sending his first v10, then doing another in the same day, and third the next day
  • Jacob, Sol, Claire, Gabby, Leilani, and Conor all running up Redhouse Extension, and Brooke sending the next day (Conor, Leilani, Gabby, and Brooke’s first v8)
  • Claire and I sending I Think I Can (v9) in about 45 minutes
  • Jesse and Sol hiking basically everything they got on
  • Izzy sending A Face in the Crowd as her first v7
  • Hanging out with some very cool locals (Alan and some others)
  • Climbing with people I haven’t seen in several months or years
  • Getting to climb at least part of every day
  • Seeing the second Hobbit movie
  • Nobody getting sick from the Mexican food
  • The very generous man who picked up the breakfast tab for all of us one morning
  • 5 days of great climbing in good weather with awesome people

Now that I’ve summed all of that up, it seems like a good time to look back a little on the past year.  I think that climbing-wise, the last year has been a good one for me.  I had fun times, made new friends, and managed to climb pretty well.  I made the US national team for both sport and bouldering, and achieved my goal at making semifinals at the IFSC Youth World Cup in August.  I flashed my first 13a, and sent my first 13b, and placed well in many other competitions.  Overall, I feel like my climbing has really improved, and I hope that continues.  2013 was a good year, but now here’s to the good times and improvements that will come in 2014.


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