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November/December 2013: Happy Holidays! - Will Roderick

November/December 2013: Happy Holidays! - Will Roderick
December 29, 2013 -  Will Roderick    

As I was writing my last post, I was very much looking forward to winter break! But even as Autumn quarter was coming to an end, everything was still in full swing; much schoolwork was still to be done and the climbing team was going strong. Before break began, the new gym on campus had been open for about a month. Of course, it has been an incredible facility to hold team practices in, but I’ve also realized how nice the gym is for setting. With more climbing experience over the years, I’ve become more perceptive to the styles of climbs. Even before I was a routesetter, I was fascinated with how a climb is essentially a puzzle, a personalized puzzle that required mental and physical fortitude to conquer. And with this new facility as well as hundreds of new holds and angles and an excellent group to work with, I’ve had the freedom to realize all of the possibilities in climbs that I could dream up. I’ve always wanted to do that.

Soon, finals were finished and everyone went back home for the holidays. It has been really nice to reconnect with friends from the Bay Area. Break has also given me the opportunity to surf and climb frequently. Just a few days ago, some buddies and I made an expedition to Stinson beach to surf; the attached photo shows from left to right Kat, Rick, Mel, me, and Ellen.

In terms of climbing, I’ve been in awe at how much many of my friends from home have improved. It’s especially evident since I haven’t seen most of them in a while. And it’s inspiring. I remember when many of them finished their first climbs. And when they started getting really drawn to the sport. And now to see them crushing is awesome! Their dedication and hard work has not only made them into strong climbers but has also helped them grow and build confidence. Seeing this transformation motivates me to keep encouraging others. Happy holidays everyone!


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