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South for the Winter - Aicacia Young

South for the Winter - Aicacia Young
South for the Winter - Aicacia Young
South for the Winter - Aicacia Young
December 26, 2013 -  Aicacia Young    

I’m not usually much of a boulderer. I boulder at the gym for strength training periodically, but it’s not my favorite type of climbing. A number of awkward falls sort of paved the way for me to enjoy sport climbing much more than bouldering. So, in an attempt to train my weaknesses and get out of my comfort zone, I decided to give bouldering another shot. When the opportunity arose for me to climb at Hueco Tanks, one of the best bouldering destinations in the world, I jumped at the chance. I packed up my barely-used crashpad and my beloved Dragons and headed out to west Texas for a 5-day weekend of tent camping, bouldering, and hiking with friends.

I baked a number of delicious, calorie-dense treats, including paleo breads, bars, and muffins. And, I also prepared a few servings of some homemade garlic and thyme soup to keep us warm on the cold winter nights. We packed a small cooler with a dozen hard-boiled eggs, some avocados, lettuce, deli turkey, hummus, and homemade soup.  Non-perishable foods included Bearded Brothers bars, canned tuna and salmon, Tasty Bites indian cuisine, beef jerky, pepperoni, salami, apples, bananas, and almond butter. Preparing and planning our meals ahead of time was a great success, and I would highly recommend it. Sometimes it can mean the difference between sending your projects and coming up short.

Though temperatures were a bit brisk, I was able to climb some great problems, meet some amazing people, and experience a breath-taking and historical climbing destination in all its glory. Hueco Tanks is a humbling, beautiful, and inspiring place to climb, and I can’t wait to go back. Bouldering is beginning to grow on me.


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