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Tour de Bloc Allez Up 2013 - Hans Christian Montenegro

Tour de Bloc Allez Up 2013 - Hans Christian Montenegro
December 03, 2013 - 

The competition season has arrived again. I have decided to do seven competitions. The first one was in Montreal at the gym Allez Up. There were a large number of participants. It was the biggest competition in tour de bloc. In the open category there were 107 competitors. This is a huge number. I saw some climber friends from Toronto and Ottawa.

The competition had 70 problems for the qualifying round. The qualifying round was the hard part. Many strong climbers had problem in this phase. After three hours of climbing, I completed six problems (69,68,66,65,63,62). This score put me in the second place of the finals.

Then, I rested, ate and waited for the finals isolation.  In isolation, there were 7 men and 8 women, all experienced climbers.

The women started the finals. I could not see what happened but I heard that the competition for women went well.

For men, the first problem was a small dyno. It was nice and a good problem to break your mind. I did the top in two tries. The second problem was interesting, but, it took me too many tries to get the right bête. At the end I got the top. The third problem was perfect and my style. It was a pinch problem with a dyno. I did it in one try. The last problem had small holds with a dynamic movement at the end. I did it in one try.

I got second place at the end of the competition. I was so happy because I had a very good performance. That is good for motivation.

Next competition is on 15 December.

Photo credit: Geneviève de la Plante

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