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First Place at Bend Rock Gym & Portland Rock Gym - Riley Joyce

First Place at Bend Rock Gym & Portland Rock Gym - Riley Joyce
November 25, 2013 - 

I have been training for the whole summer to get ready for the competitions that are starting in September. My first  two competitions were at the Bend Rock Gym which turns out to be my home gym, and the Portland Rock Gym.

The night before my first competition, at the Bend Rock Gym, I was having a lot of mixed emotions running through my head. I was worried that if I didn't get first I would start the season off looking bad. It was my first year in Junior category which means more competition! And my biggest competition was there.

I began eating my dinner; teriyaki chicken with steam vegetables. Ever since I was 6 I always had to have teriyaki chicken with steam vegetables for dinner before a comp. After a great night sleep, I woke up and ate fruit and yogurt.

I began stretching, and warming up. One of my goals for this ABS season was to try one new thing in my routine before a competition. Therefore, I did all my warming up on routes that were in the gym that were not part of the competition. This helped me with my end results of the comp because I had a lot more time to project.

In the fist hour of these two competitions I was not feeling like I could do my best. I began to be noticing that I was falling on routes that I could have done right away in practice. Right when I noticed this I went straight to my coach and asked what I should do. He said I should take a 15 minute eating break. After 15 minutes I can not explain how much better I was climbing! I knew that I was trying my hardest when I flashed a v7.

As awards were being announced I didn't care what place I got. I knew that I tried my hardest I have ever tried in a climbing competition. When I heard that I placed first in category Junior I was so proud of myself!


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