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Balancing Training and Over-Training - Shannon Russell

Balancing Training and Over-Training - Shannon Russell
November 25, 2013 -  Shannon Russell    

Being  part of Team Vertical World means that I have the option of going to practice to climb and train with my coach any day of the week. This is an incredibly awesome situation, except when I get obsessive about training. I have this issue, as do many other climbers I know, with always feeling like I need to be doing some drill or workout at all times. It's a problem that too many climbers (especially youth athletes) have which can cause some pretty bad injuries that take a long time to recover from.  For me, it's always because I feel like someone else out there is training more than I am and it always feels like I need to catch up. In reality, I know that there probably people training, but there are also people resting and recovering. I can also logically say that I know rest is just as important as training, but sometimes its really hard to accept that logic and take a step back and take a few days off. 


For the past few weeks my elbow and shoulder tendinitis has been seriously agitated and for the first time ever my finger is joining the hurt club. I'm to the point where I have no choice but to face the fact that I need to rest more and do more antagonistic training. This isn't going to be easy since some of my favorite people are the ones I see at the gym every day and climbing is the best way for me to deal with stress from school, but it is worth it if it means I can recover and get back to training just a few days a week but with greater intensity.

Guess it's time to get psyched on some running!


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