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Leavenworth Trip - Joseph Gifford

Leavenworth Trip - Joseph Gifford
Leavenworth Trip - Joseph Gifford
November 10, 2013 - 

Recently I took a trip to Leavenworth, WA with the Circuit bouldering gym crew which was my first time to go outdoor bouldering in the northwest.  The rock there is extremely textured granite and its rough on the skin, so two days of climbing made my fingers pretty raw by the end of the trip.

The location of Leavenworth is interesting, the local town is a German influenced town so all the buildings look like Americanized German buildings and some of the buildings just have German lettering, which apparently makes it “German”. All the boulders are scattered throughout the mountainous country side and most of the approaches are fairly easy to get to which was nice. 

The first day we camped basically on top of a mountain and when I woke up in the morning I had a pretty sick view of all the boulders scattered throughout the valley. We warmed up and I got on a cool v7 and 8, I then did a truly fun v6 highball. Probably my most notable send was a climb called Coffee Cup v9 which was a three move wonder climb, it was really simple with just a hard start.

The next day we went to some boulders next to the river and I tried a climb called Goicoechea that had charming overhanging movement with a hard last move finish. This trip was a fun trip to just climb around and get on some good outdoor rock. I definitely want to go back and hopefully have more than two days to climb on all the hard boulders there. I just have to keep training and hope the weather clears up for weekend so I can go back.


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