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October 2013: The New Stanford Climbing Center - Will Roderick

October 2013: The New Stanford Climbing Center - Will Roderick
November 02, 2013 -  Will Roderick    

With the quarter well under way, while everything from school to climbing has become busy, it has all been a ton of fun. Even though I haven’t been outside as much this past month, I have been focused on training, competing, setting, and coaching. A couple weeks ago, Planet Granite had their finale Bloc Party bouldering competition of the year. We had fifteen Stanford Climbing Team members there, which was great! Everyone was motivated and climbed really well, and we all had a lot of fun. I went to finals with Ethan Pringle, Andy Lamb, Mirko Caballero, and Patrick Reynolds. It was awesome to compete with those guys and try some pretty epic boulder problems.

A few days after the competition, setting began in the new Outdoor Center, which houses the new climbing gym on the Stanford Campus. The setters are a great group, and the head route setter, Phil Sandlin, had everything very organized. Before the opening of the gym, I set a couple routes and fore ran a bunch of both routes and boulder problems. And as soon as I walked in, I realized how nice it is. It’s awesome! As far as college climbing gyms go, it’s enormous. Plus, the new gym has leading, as well as bouldering and top roping. And on top of that, there’s a bouldering cave, which will offer a wide variety of climbing styles to set and climb. The gym officially opened earlier today, and it was really cool to see how excited everyone was. I’m looking forward to holding practice there next week!


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