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Magic Wood - Giovanni Cevio Traversi

Magic Wood - Giovanni Cevio Traversi
Magic Wood - Giovanni Cevio Traversi
Magic Wood - Giovanni Cevio Traversi
Magic Wood - Giovanni Cevio Traversi
Magic Wood - Giovanni Cevio Traversi
Magic Wood - Giovanni Cevio Traversi
October 09, 2013 -  Giovanni    

I am in Magic Wood, Switzerland! I can't tell you all how psyched i am to be here! This place is incredible! The town of Ausserferrera is by far one of the most beautiful places i have ever been in my life. The forest is so amazing here and the boulders are unforgiving. I have managed to, in a weeks worth of climbing, completely thrash my middle and ring finger tip on my left hand. This does not make me happy, but what are you gonna do? Life can't always go as planned. Luckily I can still climb, I have just decided to take some more rest days to let my skin heal a bit. I am feeling the strongest i have in a long time. So it is pretty hard to complain too much. I haven't climbed a single boulder problem in my week here so far, but luckily i am here for a total of a month! I have learned to take the bad experiences in life, and make them good. If things don't go my way, oh well! My motto of this trip and life is: stop being a whiny bitch and always stay psyched!

I am here with a friend of mine Colton Edson. We planned this trip a few months ago after my first bouldering trip to Europe 6 months ago with my brother. I am surprised and excited to be back on my own terms, as overwhelming and stressful as traveling can be, i have managed to make this work and i have no regrets! As far as projects go, i got really close to sending Piranja 7c+/v10, but haven't managed it yet. I also got close to another 7c/v9 that i forgot the name of. The other day we went and checked out the darkness cave. By far, this is the most inspiring cave i have ever seen in my life! Stacked with hard boulders, this massive roof is the epitome of my style. Crimp lock offs on a roof!? What more can i ask for! So, my plan is to start working Remembrance Of Things Past, and if that goes down, step it up a notch and go for In Search Of Time Lost. I have 3 weeks to work these 2 magnificent boulders! I am feeling very optimistic about these problems! So we will see how it goes! I have also made a ton of progress on the classic Riverbed 8b. I have a few more weeks to put this thing together, hopefully!

More soon from the forest!

Giovanni Cevio Traversi


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