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September 2013: Back to University - Will Roderick

September 2013: Back to University - Will Roderick
October 06, 2013 -  Will Roderick    

School has begun! And it’s been great to catch up with friends. I also really like all of my classes this quarter – mostly engineering and science courses. While I’ve been getting adjusted to classes and life at university again, I have had the opportunity to climb both indoors and outdoors quite a bit. Last weekend, I went to Lake Tahoe for an outdoor bouldering competition. The comp was pretty informal and turned into more of a climbing hang out. It was really fun to meet up with some buddies that I hadn’t seen in a while and climb some really hard stuff.

And then just a couple days ago, I saw Reel Rock 8 with a bunch of friends at Stanford. It was a simultaneously funny, intense, and epic film that was very well done. I’d definitely recommend seeing it! And today, with those same friends, I went back to my hometown Berkeley to go to Mortar Rock. I sent a V9 on the Impossible Wall, which I had been working on the last time I had been there over the summer. I have my eyes set on a few 10’s and 11’s for next time we go. My friends Matthew, Andy, Lila, and Jakob all climbed well as well, and we had a great day overall (Lila and Jakob are with me in the photo).

We’ve also been discussing plans for the Stanford climbing team – our second year! We had our first climbing practice two weeks ago, and had an amazingly good turn out! The only issue is that our current small practice space is a bit overwhelmed by the large number of people, and so training and exercises are a little difficult to run at the moment. But, in just a few weeks, a new gym with larger climbing facilities is scheduled to open, which should be really cool! We’ll start setting the new walls pretty soon. It’ll be an excellent place to hold team practices. This year, we have a great, cohesive group of talented students on the team who are really interested and dedicated to climbing, which is everything that any team could ask for. I’m really excited to see what we can do this year!


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