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Sierra Carroll - Rain, Rain, Go Away.....

Sierra Carroll - Rain, Rain, Go Away.....
Sierra Carroll - Rain, Rain, Go Away.....
Sierra Carroll - Rain, Rain, Go Away.....
Sierra Carroll - Rain, Rain, Go Away.....
September 17, 2013 - 

Rain rain go away, after almost a week of rain that is what many of us in the front range have been thinking. With the sun finally coming out today everyone signed in relief. The past few days in the Boulder and Front Range communities has been quite eventful. With this deadly and menacing flood on the area there has been a lot of sitting inside and hoping for the rain to go away. Well today it finally did, though not without taking some precious areas with it.

The flooding has destroyed businesses, roads, and home along with open spaces and parks. With a day trip planned to Eldo this past weekend my plans quickly changed when I woke up Thursday morning to find my carpet was full of water. Though my home escaped a large amount of damage unlike many other homes in the area it was still enough to change my plans for the weekend. Along with the state of emergency occurring up and down the front range.

Luckily however, I have been able to get out to rocky mountain the past few weekends and spend some more time working on and finding more problems there. As school had finally started to become the norm again I have also had the chance to re-plan my workouts and climbing and cross training schedule for each week during the semester. As I have to do every semester as my schedule at school and work changes. I was excited this semester to find some great videos this past week that have given me some new ideas for cross training workouts and exercises which always makes me excited. These new cross training exercises along with my schedule for training in the gym and outside have now been narrowed down more as I am finally in the swing of the semester.

Though with this past weekend there has been much sadness and worry for the communities and people along the front range. Though, I would be lying if I wasn't honest about the fact that once I knew people in Estes Park were safe my first thought was to check on how much the flooding had affected the rocky mountain park climbing area. Sadly as a result of the damage to roads on the way to Estes Park it does look as if the Park season might be over till march. But hopefully they can repair the roads fast and maybe I can get in one last trip to rocky for the year. Especially if it can be a trip to climb on some of the problems more prone to being fun with snow on the ground. I have never been up into the area when there is much snow around but from what the guide book says there are some pretty awesome looking problems to get on once the snow has fallen. So hopefully that will still be a possibility this year.

Well this past trip up to rocky was a great one, I found a couple new climbs and had the chance to work on a project I have in the area and came much closer to getting the climb. Its such an interesting thing how much progress on a climb isn't always related to making 5  moves further. Rather it is so often about getting back on a climb and doing the moves with greater ease and precision that can make you feel as if you have made great progress. This was part of the success and progress I experienced this past trip to the park as the moves I was working before became much more fluid, and precise then they had been the previous trip. Not to mention getting the second hardest move on the problem also always helps heighten the sense progress. Though it never ceases to amaze me how often I find myself and see other I coach or train with become ecstatic over making one more move, or sticking the foot for the first time, hitting the crimp without needing to adjust. Its always amazed me how much climbing can become about once step progress. It can be not even about finishing the climb right now but about making it one more move. It is something I have always loved about climbing. I don't have to walk away from a project upset every time because I might not have finished it, rather I walk away excited and ready to train harder till next time because this time I made one more step towards finishing the project. That concept, the concept of a project is definitely one of my favorite things about climbing.


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