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Down... and Up Again! - Nicole Beege

Down... and Up Again! - Nicole Beege
Down... and Up Again! - Nicole Beege
August 14, 2013 -  Nicole Beege    

After a massive crash during the German Championships, now I could win at one of the classic downhill races in Germany, Ilmenau: Absolute Abfahrt.

I had very high ambitions for the National Championships in Germany this year. After being on second place for two years in a row, I was highly motivated to climb to the top. Unfortunately, I had a massive crash directly on the head and could not end this race at all. My first DNF in 7 years of racing...


I was lucky though, because I had no fractures in my spine. Still I was quite scared, that my mental state would not be the best in the next race after the crash.

This was taking place in Ilmenau. The race is legendary, being on the calendar for 17 years now! Known for a very good organisation and a raging fan crowd! I was really looking forward to be back in racing mode.

And so I was. The bike was working perfectly and so was my body. I had a lot of fun during training sessions. Weather was great, track was dusty. Shortly before the seeding run situation changed. A short thunderstorm should change conditions to tricky slippery, but it was well managable. Despite my awkward feeling during the ride, I ended up first in seeding run, which was very surprising.
I was highly motivated for sunday. To cut the story short. Conditions got from good to better to perfect.

My race run ended up to be very ok. I landed with a massive jump in the finish area, people were cheering - I turned around, looked at the time and there it was: - 1:15 (1).
I did it - it feels so good to be back up on top again!

There is a nice TV story about the race, with me at about 1:16 and another Five Ten Athlete on top as well: Benny Strasser won the men's category!


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