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Kochel is Always Good! - Christian Muench

Kochel is Always Good! - Christian Muench
Kochel is Always Good! - Christian Muench
August 12, 2013 -  Muench    

After a long time (about 4 weeks) without contact to any rock out there due to my exams at university, the last week was such a pleasure for me, even if I didn't get very far away climbing in my homearea at Kochel. Just the day after my last exam, I had a great day showing my mum how addicting it is to climb on rock and she was fully impressed - I'm so proud of her :)

The next days I could feel how much pressure fell off me having holidays now and no uni at the moment. So I was able to get the second ascent of "Richard Parker" (8b+), quite an unknown route, that Toni Lamprecht recommended to me. Such a nice climb though, it should get a classic I think! Quite long and a good mixture of slopey holds and small crimps and pretty technical as it is not very steep...

After that, I brushed and bouldered through "Ernst Eiswürfel Teil 1" (8b), a route that is also not tried very often. Luckily I could send that one as well.

Now I am working a little bit on "Zu schlapp für dieses Geld" (8c). Seems like at the moment I' m climbing only on routes that are not so much frequented - so dirty in the beginning :) But now that it is clean again, that one should get a really cool but hard climb (for me ;)) as well!

Then in the end of August I'm happy to get the chance to go to Ceüse with a couple of good friends. That's gonna be awesome there! I'm really excited :)

So that's the plan for now...


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