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Guiding, New Boulder, and the Secrets - Sierra Carroll

Guiding, New Boulder, and the Secrets - Sierra Carroll
Guiding, New Boulder, and the Secrets - Sierra Carroll
Guiding, New Boulder, and the Secrets - Sierra Carroll
July 29, 2013 - 

The past few weeks have been quit adventurous. With completion of a WFR, guide training trip, discovery of new Bouldering, a trip to a friends awesome secret Bouldering area that is being developed, along with a great day to Upper Chaos yesterday in RMNP. And tomorrow begins another adventure as I head off to guide a group of 8 college students on a backpacking trip and this time get to climb on the new Boulder that I discovered during our guide training trip.


Over the past few weeks I have completed my Wilderness First Responder Certification, couch surfed in Boulder for the week while training to be a leadership guide, climbed in Boulder, found new Bouldering, gone on a guide trip, climbed at RMNP, and gone climbing at the Secrets. Wow, yes there has been a lot going on lately. It all began a few weeks ago when I half-moved back to Boulder to sleep on a friends couch, do some training and some leadership guide stuff and then head out on a guiding trip. In the midst of that time I have had the chance to climb and train at the Spot all with their new great pads to fall on. Following the week completing my WFR and trainging back at the Spot again I headed out to the wilderness for a few days to go on a guide training backpacking trip. We headed into the Rawah Wilderness for 4 days to hike 30 miles, though the best part of the trip was when I discovered three untouched climbable Boulders hanging out near a beautiful lake that we were camping next to. I then spent the rest of the night gawking at the Boulders and picking out lines that I wanted to do when I come back. I actually leave tomorrow to head back in as a guide into the same area and I can not wait to head back to the Boulders this time with my awesome 5.10 Dragons and chalk bag to hope on some first ascents in the Rawah wilderness. I cant wait to hope on some great un-touched Boulders that I am more then excited to get to climb on. As they are some of the prettiest Boulders I have seen in a long time.

That is save for the very long and fabulous find of a friend who is currently establishing Bouldering in Colorado that he is currently labeling "The Secrets". After getting back from my backpacking trip I quickly took a rest day then headed with some friend to the Secrets. Having never been there before I was very excited to see what many of my friends are so excited to have found. With this in mind we headed in to make probably the most dangerous approach to Boulders I have made in a long time, while headed in the general direction of Boulders without any trail to follow. Though after I quit worrisome hike I came to see why my friends had been so excited about this area. With one of the prettiest Boulders I have seen in Colorado we were very excited to be able to spend the rest of the day traveling around the few Boulders in the area that my friends had scoped out and begun putting up first ascents on. I had a great time working on an awesome problem and watching some friends working on something much harder then I can climb right now. Sadly I do not have the pictures or video yet from the problems that I got on at the Secrets I look forward to putting them up with my next post. Though with this post comes some of the great photos of the guide training trip from this past week, from the same camera that we will hopefully be able to get some great pictures of the new Boulders we discovered this coming week when we head back out to the same area with a group of students.  Till then I will head off to guide and hopefully find some of my own lines to project during my trip this week. 

Till next time when I will put up hopefully some great video of the Secrets, and tell more about my recent trip to Rocky mountain and the pictures of the new Boulders I discovered in the Rawah.


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