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It's Better to (have a) Burnout Than to Fade Away - Andreas Mölk

It's Better to (have a) Burnout Than to Fade Away - Andreas Mölk
July 14, 2013 - 

Hola! Hello out there.

It got quite around me and before I am going to disappear in the hole where I came from, I wrestle again with blank (blog)pages in order to tell you what I did in the last – whatever – months.

It began quite well, in ever respect. I had a good start. I mean as fit as I can be. I did nice stuff in the gym. Nothing extraordinary but I rocked in my small world. So I moved on to Albarra – two times – to try an old project. Good company – Flotschus (Munrig), Robulus (Wegscheider) and a couple of Spanish gringos – helped me making it up to the last move of this special project but finally I failed. All the time. Really! I could not finish the certain project. Life left me back broken (but with the metaphors of the year):  Great starts follows by growth ends! 

Now my fitness is gone. So I decided to hit the road with my life on an all-time-low. But I have already a new project where I am working on. It’s about a miserable piece of shit who drinks to forget. Currently I am in the research mood. I hope I’ll finish this project before fall and of course Albarra comes back. 

But finally I think it’s all gonna be ‘okay’! Chapters simply must have an end. Sometimes you just have to shake things up and move on… 

Side note: Is it not disappointing that swearwords are band from blogs like this. I mean bouldering is all about swearing or how do you fight your way up on the rock? By singing Mrs. Robinson from Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel? Not really!


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