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SCS Nationals - Kayla Lieuw

SCS Nationals - Kayla Lieuw
SCS Nationals - Kayla Lieuw
SCS Nationals - Kayla Lieuw
SCS Nationals - Kayla Lieuw
SCS Nationals - Kayla Lieuw
July 13, 2013 -  Kayla Lieuw    

After Divisionals in Watertown was over, I headed down to Atlanta for Claudiu Vidulescu’s pre-nationals camp. Claudiu’s camp is over the course of two weeks and prepares you both physically and mentally for what you will face at SCS Nationals. 


Each day of training consisted of two three-hour climbing sessions broken up by a two-hour break to eat lunch and either listen to a presentation or watch some climbing movies to get psyched. There were around fifty kids at camp and we were all divided up into three different groups depending on which disciplines we would be competing in at Nationals.

I was in the group with all of the kids that were competing in both sport and speed. Typically, one of the three-hour sessions was speed and the other session varied. Along with Claudiu, there were many other coaches including Stan Borodyansky, Chelsea Rude, Brad Weaver, and Brion Voges.

My favorite part of the camp was the opportunity to train side by side with so many talented climbers from all over the nation. I love how everyone fed off of each other’s energy and pushed each other to try harder. The two-week camp flew by and before any of us knew it, Nationals was just in a matter of days. The camp ended positively with many people sending their projects, getting their fastest times, and feeling confident.

After some much needed rest, Nationals began. The first day, I sent my first qualifier climb and qualified 3rd in speed. The next day, I got a few holds from the top of my second qualifier putting me in 10th place going into sport semis. I also placed 4th in speed semis.

In sport semis I fell pretty high up off of a Teknik block similar to where many girls had fallen. This put me in 9th place and qualified me to compete in sport finals. Later that night, speed finals took place and I was thrilled to be racing my fellow Five Ten athlete, Kyra Condie. Although Kyra and I both had byes to worlds as Pan American Champions, we were still extremely nervous. Our race was close and Kyra ended up beating me by 5 hundredths of a second, placing me in 3rd and Kyra in 2nd. Special congratulations to Megan Carr for now holding the Female American Record of 6.39 seconds and John Brosler for now holding the overall American Record of 4.73 on the 10m speed wall!

The next morning, I was psyched to be competing in sport finals. After previewing the route, I knew it wasn’t exactly my style but I just wanted to try my best and have fun with it. I ended up falling off of the same Teknik block that I had fallen off of the previous day, mid way through the route. I ended up taking 8th place in sport.

I now have a few weeks training at home before I go off to Victoria, Canada for the US Team Training Camp and the Youth World Championships. Congratulations to everyone who competed at Nationals and a huge thanks to everyone who has supported me these past few weeks.

Photo credit: Tom Condie, Jennie Jariel, and Ken Lieuw

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