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Let the Epics Begain - Nicholas Milburn

Let the Epics Begain - Nicholas Milburn
Let the Epics Begain - Nicholas Milburn
Let the Epics Begain - Nicholas Milburn
Let the Epics Begain - Nicholas Milburn
July 01, 2013 - 

First off I would like to apologize on the lateness of this blog. I have been rather busy with travel and what not. Earlier this month I climbed in my first world cup in Vail, Colorado in the GoPro Mountain Games!
My first day in Vail fellow Five Ten athlete Brendan Mitchell and I rode our unicycles around and Brendan showed me Vail. I had never been to Vail before, so I had no idea what the lay out was. We did some fun street riding, signed up for the citizen’s competition, and did some dangerous things.
The next day is when stuff got real. I went and watched the women climb and cheered on America! It looked like it was going to be a fun day of climbing. I went to iso later and had a fun 5ish hours of sitting around until I went. It was kind of cool warming up with several V15 climbers. Luckily everything ran smooth and there were no delays. All the Americans went out about the same time because most of us didn’t have an IFSC rank.
Finally I made it out to the first climb. It was this cool slab mantel thing. I got it second try, but should have flashed it. The second climb was also amazing. I controlled the finish hold with one hand, but I couldn’t match. The third climb was crazy! It had like 50 knee bars. You could literally do a circle of knee bars. Lots of people had bloody knees. The fourth climb was very powerful and moved through lots of slopers. The last climb was another technical slab. I fell of the finish hold twice which was annoying. All the climbs were fun and I at least made bonus hold on all the climbs. Elevation definitely took its toll on me. I was breathing very hard after each climb.
I ended up in 39th I think. I had a lot of fun and I think making semifinals in a possibility. Finals were later the next day. Alex Puccio, Angie Payne, and Paul Robinson were the only U.S. people who made finals.
In between semis and finals Josh Levin, Kyra Condie, Brendan and I did the mud run. I wasn’t planning on doing this until that day, so Brendan and I ran the entire 5k bare foot. It hurt a lot, especially since most of it was over gravel, but it was totally worth it.
Finals were an amazing show to watch, with so many strong climbers doing amazing things. Rustam Gelmanov did some of the most amazing things I have ever seen someone do. Dmitri Sharafutdinov and Anna Stohr displayed some amazing climbing and took home the golden axes.
The rest of my time in Vail was spent wandering around gear town and exploring all the booths. I enjoyed the booths with free stuff. I also watched the Slackline World Cup. It was the most intents slacklining I have ever seen.
My last day in Vail was for the citizen’s comp. A friend of mine, Phill Symons, set for the comp which was cool. He sets at my home gym. The comp was a fun way to end my trip. I did all the hardest climbs and still came in second which was funny.
I would like to give a shout out to the Mitchells for being awesome, letting me stay with you and dinner. Also thanks to the Mckeehans for giving me a ride to Vail.


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