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Divisionals in Miami - Joseph Gifford

Divisionals in Miami - Joseph Gifford
July 01, 2013 - 

Divisionals this year was in Miami FL and it was different because usually it's in Texas or Colorado. Miami was pretty exciting and I enjoyed it besides the heat and humidity. I arrived in Miami at 12 am because of a delayed flight which resulted in me being super tired for the next day.

The first day was flash format with two climbs. The first climb was pretty easy and most people completed it. Climbing in the gym was really hot because of the humidity and all the people in the gym so I was basically always sweating when in the gym. The second climb which was technical with more bad holds proved to be quite slippery and I made it to where most people fell. After a long day of climbing in the hot gym I went out to South beach with some friends to cool off in the ocean and it was full of very unique people walking everywhere but the water felt amazing.

The next day the finals route was a sick pumpy climb on an overhang that went into a huge stalactite and then topped out. I did pretty well on the climb, I got to the stalactite and pumped out doing some downward campus moves and ended up in 7th place. Everybody was pretty close and beating each other only by a couple of holds.

After the comp Nick Milburn, Dalan Faulkner, Tiffany Murphy and I traveled to Coca beach and had an entire day dedicated to playing on the beach, we played in the waves, dug holes in the sand, and made sand castles it was a good day. We then made our way to the Red River Gorge to do some awesome training before nationals.


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